Our Services get things Done!

We offer structural demolition for residential, commercial, and
industrial structures, both small and large.



Small Truck (Pickup load or small single axle) | $ 50.00
Tandem axle truck | $ 75.00
Tri-axle dump truck | $100.00
Dump Trailer | $125.00
Loads with rebar extra | $100.00 per load

All prices are per load.  Concrete and asphalt must be separated.  All loads must be free from other debris.  Supervisor at the dump has right to refuse any load that he feels we cannot use.



Crushed Concrete | $10.00 per ton + sales tax
Crushed Asphalt | $20.00 per ton + sales tax
Crushed Brick | $10.00 per ton + sales tax

We do not deliver (customer needs to call another trucking company for delivery). Crushed concrete may have some wire in it.  Crushed asphalt needs to be wet and rolled.   Crushed brick is mixed with concrete and is not ornamental.



$400 per thousand ($.40 each) picked up by customer/$450 per thousand ($.450 each) delivered – No sales in quantities less than 500 unless we have loose brick or short stacks (Cost is $.50 per brick) – Will deliver in quantities of 1,000 or more – Customer is to choose brick personally – ALL SALES FINAL – All sales COD or prepaid unless pre-approved for account (includes sales tax).

Price includes delivery by dump truck within 50 miles of Columbia.  Additional charges for deliveries outside radius are based on $75.00 per hour for truck and driver ($75.00 MINIMUM) in addition to $450 per thousand. Preferred delivery is Friday afternoons if possible.