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Carolina Concrete & Asphalt Recycling, Inc.
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Carolina Wrecking Inc. has been in the demolition business for more than forty years, fulfilling demolition contracts for government at local, state, and federal levels, as well as for industry and individuals.
All of our projects are LEED (Leadership in Environmental Energy & Design) compliant, and we have owned and operated our recycling operation since 1995. We recycle whatever we can to prohibit landfill waste and reduce costs to our customers.

We offer structural demolition for residential, commercial, and industrial structures, both small and large.

Carolina Wrecking Inc. handles debris removal with hauling and disposal for your convenience.

Please ask us about our recycling of asphalt, concrete & brick.

Carolina Wrecking Inc.      141 Cort Road     Columbia, SC  29203      T: 803-333-0599      F: 803-333-0962

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